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5 Course Broker Package Sponsor#S0308

Format: E-book Credit Hours: 225.00 Exam Required: Yes

  1. Legal Aspects of Real Estate (Book) - Covers eminent domain, predatory lending, legal trends and more!
  2. Real Estate Appraisal (Book) - Provides a thorough outline of fundamental real estate appraisal theory and practice.
  3. Escrows (Book) - From an overview of the escrow business to detailed information on each step of the escrow process.
  4. Real Estate Economics (Book) - Presents the factors that cause real estate values to change and much more.
  5. Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending (Book) - Covers topics including appraisal, credit agencies, title and escrow, and computer programs used in the industry.
  6. MathMaster - online - Clear and concise review of real estate math.
  7. National Real Estate Exam Prep - online - The SMART Guide to Passing
  8. California Exam Prep - eBook - Covers state specific exam questions.

California Exam Prep

Format: E-book Exam Required: No

Written by an experienced real estate educator and test preparer whose materials have prepared thousands to enter the real estate field successfully, this exam prep guide will give you the practice you need to prepare for your real estate licensing exam with confidence.

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